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5th-10th Grade Study Hall

September 14-October 9, 2020

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (8am-3pm)

1. What is it?

This is for families who need their students to be somewhere during the day because they have to work. This is not to replace a teacher, and also is not tutoring. The student will come and work at the church during the day and be monitored by an adult volunteer to ensure that they are focusing and doing their work.  It will function as a study hall where the student must bring all necessary work, and they must be able to work independently on it during the day. There will be times built into the day for breaks and lunch. IMPORTANT NOTE: this is for 5th-10th grade initially. There will be a 4 week test run, and it is not guaranteed to go past then. Cost: $10/day per child, $25/day family max. Questions? Contact Joy Hook at or (734) 660-1798

2. Apply to Be Considered

Limited number of spaces available. Please click button below to fill out a short application. You will hear back from Joy Hook regarding the acceptance of your application. 

Applications due by September 11th. 

3. Once accepted, register & pay

Students: Each day before you attend Study Hall, please fill out & submit the form below.  

Covid-19 Health Declaration

How are you feeling today?

Thanks for submitting!

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